The English Version of “The City Iranians Need ” is now publish

UN-Habitat Iran and National Land & Housing Organization jointly publishes

“The City Iranians Need”

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Iran’s National Urban Campaign (INUC) one-year activity resulted in The City Iranians Need(TCIN) booklet. TCIN is a vision prepared through a voluntarily contribution of more than 1000 citizens from 48 cities and 10 organizations representing 12 constituent groups: women and men, youth and children, aging populations, and people with disabilities, research and academia, civil society organizations, grassroots organizations, social activists, artists, urban professionals, and the media

This booklet is the production of a 3-step process of INUC since 5 October 2015: (i) data gathering (collecting people’s ideas, recommendations and solutions on urban problems through surveys, interactive website and social networks, interviews, people workshops and NGOs) from October 2015 to April 2016; (ii) processing the received data through ten sessions of Urban Dialogue organized by UN-Habitat Iran from April to August 2016 (engaging 20 young urban thinkers from various fields such as urbanism, architecture, geography, environment, political science, economics, climatology, sociology, entrepreneurship, and agricultural engineering), and (iii) reaching consensus in September 2016 by involving three groups: people, urban decision makers and decision takers

INUC shares Iranians’ vision with the world in the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III). This vision builds on what INUC, as a national platform for WUC, received from ideas, recommendations and solutions from the Iranians towards the future they want. By preparing The City Iranians Need, INUC aimed at sensitizing people to urban issues as well as encouraging urban decision makers and takers to enable citizens’ participation in curbing urban problems

INUC invites all Iranian decision makers/takers and the community at large to consider this common vision driven by principles and drivers of change in order to change their cities for a sustainable future.

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